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Aerospace Component Manufacturing

As a company we are committed to a very high-level quality manufacturing stan, we are able to work within the aerospace and defense industries to engineer, develop and manufacture some of the most cutting-edge products.

Over the years, we have worked on projects including avionics enclosures, aero-engine components, UCAV body structural metal components, undercarriage suspension systems flight control components. We understand the the critical demands and requirements of working within the aerospace more specifically defense industries, as well as what it takes to produce quality products. For this reason, we work with each of our customers to identify individual project challenges and priorities to create competitively priced quotes with lead times that align with customer deadlines. Our attention to detail and ability to optimize our machining processes with advanced technologies allow us to be globally competitive and ensures that we meet even the most stringent standards on each project.


  • Feature sizes as small as 40μm

  • Tolerances as tight as 1 micron

  • Surface finishes of 4Ra microinch

  • Surface roughness inspection

  • 3D part scan to 3D CAD model overlays with difference modeling

  • Prototypes, low quantity runs and batch production up to 10,000 piece

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