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We’re seeking the increase of the scale and diversification of Cingularity TEC by organically growing existing and new teams, offices, disciplines and markets:



Our team-based structure and profit share business model is scalable. The small size of our specialist teams also means that we can increase our headcount rapidly to achieve growth. When market conditions tighten, these teams then reduce in size largely through natural attrition. Consequently, our cost base will be reduced in a slowdown. Having invested years in training and developing our highly capable management and engineering teams, our objective is to ensure we retain this expertise within the Group. By following this course of action, we typically gain market share during downturns and position our businesses for market leading rates of growth when economic conditions improve.


It is vital that we conduct our business with high standards of ethics and integrity. This doesn’t mean just complying with both the spirit and the letter of the various laws and regulations that govern us. It also means leading by example in the way that we do business, and in the way that we behave towards colleagues, candidates, clients, business partners, and investors.




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