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Composite Manufacturing and Machining Services

With an increasingly crowded field UAS manufacturing there is only one company that has been manufacturing UAS since the beginning, Cingularity Aerospace TM

Cingularity Aerospace  repeatedly delivers the “best value” solution in Unmanned Manufacturing. Our proven low cost production capability for manufacturing UAS systems is the result of more UAS airframe production than any other small company operating today. By employing a process driven approach to the development of safety critical components, design allowables, payload flexibility and unit production cost, our team has the experience to deliver the results your program demands in less time than you've budgeted. Cingularity TEC brings the experience and skills typically found at large primes but with the agility and low overhead operations of a small company. Our engineers, managers, and executives have worked on almost every UAV program of significance in the last 15 years.



Cingularity TEC India Pvt Ltd, Aerospace division, founded in 2014 is an industrial and military grade engineering and manufacturing company. A producer of small and large commercial drones, Cingularity provides revolutionary and effective aerial systems. Cingularity adapts its secure, proprietary aircraft structure components design and manufacturing including avionics for drone airborne mission, combining natural and accurate flight dynamics based on manned aviation flight paths and guidance systems. Cingularity offers new capabilities to the immerging drone industry with task-specific drones and systems enabling even the most challenging heavy lift, long endurance, and delivery missions, globally.We work for and partner with our clients HAL, DRDO Labs, IIsc, NAL, L&T, 3M, Samsung India and many more prestigious organizations.


Plant and Machinery

HAAS 5 Axis Machining Center 

The VF-5/50TR is a versatile 5-axis machining center based on the popular VF-5/50 VMC platform. It provides full simultaneous five-axis motion, or can position a workpiece to almost any angle for machining. For added flexibility, the trunnion is mounted directly to the machine’s standard T-slot table, and can easily be removed when jobs require only 3-axis machining. 

  • Capable of full 5-axis contouring

  • 50-taper spindle with 2-speed gearbox 

  • Ideal for tougher materials and larger-diameter cutting tools

  • Includes high-speed machining software

  • Axis Travel:

    • X-Axis: 50" (1270 mm)

    • Y-Axis: 26" (660 mm)

    • Z-Axis: 25" (635 mm)

  • Spindle Nose to Table:

    • Minimum: 4" (102 mm)

    • Maximum: 29" (737 mm)

  • Table Size:

    • Length: 52" (1321 mm)

    • Width: 23" (584 mm)

  • Table Load Capacity: 4000 lbs (1814 kg)

  • Spindle Speed:

    • Maximum: 12,000 rpm

    • Spindle Taper: CAT 40

  • Tool Capacity:

    • Standard: 30+1 (side-mount)

    • Optional: 40+1 (side-mount)

  • Rapid Traverse Rates:

    • X-Axis: 1400 in/min (35.6 m/min)

    • Y-Axis: 1400 in/min (35.6 m/min)

    • Z-Axis: 1400 in/min (35.6 m/min)

  • Cutting Feed Rates: Up to 833 in/min (21.1 m/min)

  • Maximum Tool Diameter (Full): 3.5" (89 mm)

  • Maximum Tool Weight: 12 lbs (5.4 kg)

  • Power Requirement: 195-260 VAC / 50-60 Hz / 3-phase

  • Machine Dimensions (approx.):

    • Length: 156" (3962 mm)

    • Width: 114" (2896 mm)

    • Height: 123" (3124 mm)

  • Machine Weight (approx.): 20,000 lbs (9072 kg)

  • Control: Haas CNC Control with Intuitive Programming System (IPS)

4 Axis Machining Center 

 Jyoti VMC 850 Vertical Machining Center:

  • Axis Travel:

    • X-Axis: 850 mm

    • Y-Axis: 550 mm

    • Z-Axis: 550 mm

  • Table Size:

    • Length: 1000 mm

    • Width: 550 mm

  • Table Load Capacity: 600 kg

  • Spindle Speed:

    • Maximum: 8000 rpm

    • Spindle Taper: BT 40

  • Tool Capacity:

    • Standard: 20 tools

  • Rapid Traverse Rates:

    • X-Axis: 24 m/min

    • Y-Axis: 24 m/min

    • Z-Axis: 24 m/min

  • Cutting Feed Rates: Up to 10 m/min

  • Maximum Tool Diameter (Full): 80 mm

  • Maximum Tool Length: 300 mm

  • Maximum Tool Weight: 7 kg

  • Power Requirement: 12.5 kVA

  • Machine Dimensions (approx.):

    • Length: 2400 mm

    • Width: 2000 mm

    • Height: 2500 mm

​Indexing Turret

  • Electromechanical bi-directional operation.

  • Three piece face gear coupling allows tool disc  to be indexed without lifting.

  • Parallel Index Cam mechanism ensures fast and smooth indexing.

  • Absolute position encoder for turret position.

  • Suitable for front or rear mounting.

  • 8, 10 or 12 positions option.

3 Axis VMC

The HAAS VF-2 is a popular vertical machining center known for its reliability, versatility, and performance. Here are some key specifications for the HAAS VF-2:

  • Axis Travel:

    • X-Axis: 30" (762 mm)

    • Y-Axis: 16" (406 mm)

    • Z-Axis: 20" (508 mm)

  • Table Size:

    • Length: 36" (914 mm)

    • Width: 14" (356 mm)

  • Maximum Table Load: 1500 lbs (680 kg)

  • Spindle Speed:

    • Maximum: 8100 rpm

    • Spindle Taper: CAT 40

  • Spindle Power: 20 hp (14.9 kW)

  • Tool Capacity:

    • Standard: 20+1 side-mount tool changer

    • Optional: 24+1 or 40+1 side-mount tool changer

  • Rapid Traverse Rates:

    • X-Axis: 1000 in/min (25.4 m/min)

    • Y-Axis: 1000 in/min (25.4 m/min)

    • Z-Axis: 710 in/min (18 m/min)

  • Cutting Feed Rates: Up to 500 in/min (12.7 m/min)

  • Maximum Tool Diameter (full): 3.5" (89 mm)

  • Maximum Tool Weight: 12 lbs (5.4 kg)

  • Tool-to-Tool (avg.): 4.2 sec

  • Chip-to-Chip (avg.): 4.5 sec

  • Power Requirement: 195-260 VAC / 50-60 Hz / 3-phase

  • Machine Dimensions (approx.):

    • Length: 88" (2235 mm)

    • Width: 98" (2489 mm)

    • Height: 110" (2794 mm)

  • Machine Weight (approx.): 8,000 lbs (3629 kg)

  • Control: Haas CNC Control with Intuitive Programming System (IPS)



Swing over bedmm510

Chuck dia. Maxmm210

Max. Turning Diametermm320

Max.Turning Lengthmm690

Admit Between Centresmm830


Spindle nosetypeA2-6

Hole through SpindleMm61

Spindle Speedrpm3500

Spindle Motor Power (Cont./15 Min)Kw9/11


Inclination of Carriagedeg300 to Horizontal Plane

Cross Travel X - Axismm185

Longitudinal Travel Z - Axism/min750

Rapid traverse (X/Z) - Axesm/min30 / 36


No. of StationsNos8

Tool Shank Sizemm25 x 25

Maximum Boring Bar Diametermm40

Turret IndexingTypeBi Directional

Turret Indexing TimeSecLess than 1


Quill dia.mm75

Quill strokemm100

Quill tapertypeMT-4


ControllerTypeFanuc / Siemens


Front x Side x Heightmm2705 x 1650 x 1920


LMW CNC Turning Center 

CNC Wire Cut EDM Machine 


  • Maximum Speed – 100mm /Min*

  • Machining Accuracy – 0.01mm*

  • Motorized Z-axis (For DK-7732VC & DK-7740VC)

  • Best Surface Finish – Ra 1.25* Ø A.C. – Not Required up to 40° C

  • Windows 10 operating platform

  • Large built in data base of cutting parameters

  • Magnetic filter for coolant filtering

  • Single wire guide for different wire diameters

  • Two axis D.R.O.(STD) for quick job setting

  • 4-Axes synthesizer to cut different profiles at top and bottom

  • Auto centre find, auto edge find, auto shut-off at wire breakage and auto stop at the end of the job

EDM Sparking Die Sinking machine

• Universal Axis Corrector
• X & Y With Needle Roller Bearings Along With Ball Screws.
• Z Axis With Precisily Ground Quill & Rail Pair With Harden & Ground Lead Screw.
• Very Compact Models.
• Conventional & ZNC Controllers With 20, 35 AMP.
• Very High MRR.
• Less Than 0.1% Wear.
• Surface Finish 0.7 pRa.
• Indigenously Designed and Developed Controller.
• 3 Axis DRO Standard Feature.

3 Axis CNC Router Machine


  • 18000-rpm Spindle 

  • Window Air Blast 

  • Control Touch Screen 

  • Media Display M-Code; M130 

  • Early Power-Failure Detection Module 

  • Ethernet Interface 

  • WiFi Connection 

  • Safe Run 

  • HaasDrop 

  • Rigid Tapping 

  • Standard Program Memory, 1 GB 

Oscillating Tangential Knife fabric cutting machine

Technical Specifications:

  • Max. stroke power knife: 200 N with 1300 strokes / min 

  • Maximal stroke rate: 2000 stroke / min

  • Oscillating mode: Grooving operation / 1300 strokes / 2000 strokes

  • Stroke: 3,0 mm

  • Shaft diameter tool: 6,0 mm

  • Tool interface: Weldon shaft

  • Dimensions: 98 x 52 x 160 mm

  • Clamping diameter: 43 mm

  • Weight: 1,08 kg (without knife, connection cable)

  • Housing: Aluminum 7075 anodized

  • Voltage: 30 V

  • Control electronics: 5 V

Typicals Materials:

  • Sealing materials

  • Corrugated cardboard / Solid boards

  • Leather and cork

  • Fabrics and foils

  • Hard foamboards

  • Carpet

  • Depron


Composite Curing Oven

A composite curing oven is used to cure, anneal, dry, and harden synthetic and composite materials. The curing process for these composite materials frequently includes bagging and putting them under a vacuum while being cured. Each composite curing application is unique and  experienced team designs and manufactures high-performance ovens to meet each customer's specific process requirements.

These out of autoclave (OOA) composite curing ovens are available electrically heated, gas-fired, or indirect gas-fired. As a standard, they are designed with a combination airflow arrangement which ensures even & uniform heat distribution throughout the work chamber and provides quicker heating rates and recovery times. They are typically guaranteed and certified for ±5° at 350° F temperature uniformity, but other tolerances and certification at other temperatures are available. Upon request, a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis can be used to optimize airflow, heat transfer, and overall oven performance.


Out of Autoclave has become more popular as a cost-effective alternative to high-pressure autoclave composite curing. OOA processing removes the need to pressurize the entire chamber by using vacuum bag only (VBO) technology with tight vacuum tolerances. OOA industrial ovens allow you to cure various materials of complex contours, shapes, and sizes all while providing fast heat-up rates and cycle times, superior temperature uniformity, and an optimal cure.


  • Quicker Heating Rates and Recovery Times: Using a high pressure recirculation blower to deliver heat through a combination airflow arrangement to ensure uniform heat distribution throughout the work chamber.

  • Excellent Temperature Uniformity & Heating Rates: Typically guaranteed and certified for ±5° at 350° F temperature uniformity prior to shipment. Other tolerances are also available.

  • Lower Installation & Start-Up Costs: All units are fully factory assembled, tested, adjusted, and certified PRIOR to shipment through an extensive quality inspection. 


  • PLC controlled with touch screen operation

  • Profile storage for 999 PCBs in USB drive

  • Management data , Password protected

  • RS 485 Interface for Upgradation

  • Full Titanium Finger conveyor with adjustable width from 70 mm to 300mm

  • 4, 5, & 6 Degrees adjustable conveyor angle

  • Standard- Foam fluxer

  • Option- Spray fluxer

  • 2 Stage pre-heating of hot air convection pre-heater ( Three stage pre heating optional)

  • Specially coated solder pot suitable for Lead-free or Titanium solder- pot option

  • O-Wave option for SMD soldering ( Optional Dual wave )

  • Cooling fan at the exit

  • PID control for pre-heaters and solder pot

  • Roll out solder pot for ease of maintenance

  • Exchange solder pot can be provided as option

  • Highly reliable AC motors with in-built speed control for stable wave height, SMD O-Wave and conveyor speed

  • 18 kW power consumption

  • Automatic Finger cleaning system

EMST Stallion fc - PLC.jpg

Pick & place Robot

B series placement machine main features: Small volume, easy operate, run stable and price affordable. They can mount 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206, 1210, 3528, 5050, SOP and QFN etc chips precise. These machines can help to avoid the unstable performance because of manual mounting and reduce the rent cost, improve the product capacity at the same time.

Technical Specification

Mounting numbers


Mounting precision


Mounding angle

0 ~ 360°

Theoretical speed


Normal mounting


Visual mounting


Suction nozzle type

Juki series nozzle

Applicable element

RC (0402, 0603, 0805, 1206 etc)

LED Lamp beads(0603, 0805, 3014, 5050 etc)

Chip ( SOT,  SOP„  QFN,  BGA etc )

PCB minimal size

10x 10 mm

PCB maximum size

350x450 mm

PCB thickness


PCB warping allowable value



YAMAHA CL materials feeder


8mm 12mm 16mm 24mm 32mm


38 level

Tubular materials feeder


IC tray

Postposition 1 pc tray

X/Y axis moving range

655 x 575 mm

Z axis rotation angle

0 ~ 360°

Visual system

Researching and development independently

A visual camera

CCD High-definition camera

numbers of visual

PCB Camerax1, Precision Identification Camerax1, high speed Identification camerax4

Recognition capability


Compatible file format

CSV, TXT format

Program method

Support online and offline ways

CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

  • Laser Power: 130W.

  • Cutting Area: 4×8 Feet over the non-metallic surfaces.

  • Power Supply-240 V,50/60 Hz

  • Precision Accuracy- +/- 0.05 mm

  • Working Speed-30 m/min

  • Graphics Supported Format- AL, DXF, BMP, JPG, PLT, DST etc.

  • Engraving Speed-0-600mm/s

  • Resolution ±0.05mm/1000DPI

  • Application: fabric, cloth, acrylic, plywood, marble, plastic, rubber.

laser cutting.webp

Tool Room Machines 

  • Conventional grinding machine 

  • Conventional Lethe machine 

  • Bandsaw round and block cutting machine 

  • M1TR type tool room milling machine

  • Press

  •  Pedestal drilling machine

  • TIG Welding machines

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