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Cingularity Aerospace TM is a leading AS 9100 D and ISO 9001/2015 certified company at the forefront of innovation in the aerospace and defense sector. As a Prime player, we specialize in the design, development, and manufacturing of aerospace components, composites, and UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) of various sizes, ranging from small medium to large.

Our expertise encompasses Precision Engineering, Aerospace Technology, Heavy Engineering, as well as UAV design and development.

We're committed to leveraging our capabilities to meet the evolving needs of the aerospace industry, particularly in line with initiatives like 'Make in India'.

With a sprawling 16,000 square feet of built-up plant space, we boast state-of-the-art infrastructure including Aerospace Facilities, Composite Panel Fabrication, and Assembly Units. This enables us to deliver high-quality products and services while contributing to the growth and advancement of the aerospace and defense sectors.

Cingularity Aerospace  is not only a pioneer in aerospace manufacturing but also a leader in the development of cutting-edge UAV technology. Our expertise extends beyond traditional aerospace components to include the design and development of UAVs of various sizes, catering to both civilian and military applications.

Through strategic partnerships and collaborations, we leverage our extensive experience in Precision Engineering, Aerospace Technology, and Heavy Engineering to deliver innovative UAV solutions that meet the evolving demands of our clients and contribute to advancements in the unmanned aerial systems sector.

With a commitment to quality and innovation, Cingularity Aerospace stands at the forefront of UAV technology, driving progress in both civilian and defense applications while upholding the highest standards of safety, reliability, and performance.

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To strive for world-class manufacturing infrastructure to become a center of excellence in Precision Components Machining, Fabrication and Assemblies in Aerospace and Allied Sectors.

Agri-Tech Products

 Agriculture Spraying drone 

Hexacopter Configuration 

  • Maximum take-off weight:  30kg

  • Tank capacity:  10L /16L

  • Flight Time 25 mins

  • Range 1.5 KM

  • Maximum speed: 20 miles per hour (32 kilometers per hour)

  • Maximum altitude: 10,000 feet (3,048 meters) above sea level

  • Operational temperature range: 5°F to 113°F (-15°C to 45°C)

  • GPS accuracy: Typically less than ±1 meter, within ±2.5 meters (8 feet)

  • Maximum flight time: 30 minutes

  • Maximum wind speed: 43.5 miles per hour (75 kilometers per hour)

  • Remote range: 6,500 feet (2,000 meters)

  • Motor: Xrotor X6 Plus 2388 or 2480 180KV

  • Propeller Diameter:  23 inch

  • ESC:  80A FOC

  • Supply voltage:  12S 16,000 / 25,000  mAh


Hybrid spraying drone with onboard 7000 W  GAS Powered Generator  

svffi 2_edited.png

7000W petrol-electric hybrid system
Rated voltage:
    1: MIN 44.4V MAX 50V 12S
    2: MIN 51.8V MAX 58.5V
    14S Power
Continuous power: 6000W
Maximum power: 7000W
Weight: 12kg (including cooling system)
Fuel consumption: 9.5L/H
Fuel ratio: 40:1 
Working temperature: -20~45 degrees Celsius Startup method: One-click self-start Cooling method: liquid cooling 

x hybird view_edited.png


3 M wingspan Fixed wing E-VTOL


Max. Flying Height 2000m

Max. Cruising Speed 28m/s

Stall Speed 16m/s

Endurance : 2.8 Hours with a 5 kg Payload

Max. Take-off Weight 25 kg

Call Sign Sierra Tango ST New Gen Tandem Wing UAV

Max. Flying Height 3000m

Max. Cruising Speed 36m/s

Stall Speed 14m/s

Endurance : 3 Hours with a 7 kg Payload

Max. Take-off Weight 18 kg

Engine GAS Displacement:  34.96cc Bore 37.3mm Stroke 32mm RPM Range 1,500-8,800 RPM Mix Output 4.22HP / 8,800 RPM

serria tango_edited_edited.png

Aerial Target 

Call sign Delta Charlie
High Speed 300N Jet Powered Target drone

  • Maximum speed: 166 m/s 

  • Range: 100 km

  • Endurance: 20 minutes

  • Service ceiling: 5,000 m (16,000 ft)

  • g limits: +2 per turn

  • 2 meter wingspan Delta wing

  • Detachable nose head

Target TOW-UAV

Tow body Haulers for (Slow Speed Soft reusable target)
Call Sign Pratyaksha

HAL tow body assy.JPG

Pratyaksha Specifications 
Wingspan 5000mm
Length 3300mm
Height 1030mm
Maximum Flying weight 60kg
Payload 12kg
Endurance 6 hrs + 4 hrs (optional range extender)

Tow body : 5 x 3 meters cylindrical chute color day light orange  
separation distance : 50- 70 meters


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Our Board


Sanjay Khanduri


WhatsApp Image 2022-10-03 at 09.46.06.jpeg

Mohit Kukraja

Plant and Infrastructure 

Co Founder

WhatsApp Image 2024-04-17 at 5_edited.png

Rajneesh Mehra 


sam photo website.jpg

Samuel Gerald

CTO Co Founder


Vishal Markanday 

CEO and Co Founder

Board of Advisors

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Our Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

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Head of Department 

Human Resources 

Aarti S

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Head Manufacturing 

Girish K

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Sr Aerospace Engineer Design

Ajith Kumar

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Head Of Department Aero design

Sandeep M

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Product Designer Aero

Suman Mano

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Design Manufacturing Aero

Vivek Ramesh

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Factory Address: No 70/1 Andrahalli Main Road, Kariobanahalli, Bengaluru 560073 Karnataka INDIA 

2FCM+6X Bengaluru Karnataka

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